My experience tells me that kids are more capable of adopting a prepper’s lifestyle than many of their adult counterparts. It’s fun, it engages their imagination, and they don’t yet have to worry about being self-conscious as their non-prepping friends and colleagues make fun of them or think they are crazy. Kids are resilient and able to learn fast without always second-guessing everything they hear. The point here is that kids can be taught important prepping skills without even knowing that they are getting schooled, but it needs to be an engaging and relevant activity that you lead.


Spend time with them outdoors.

One huge skill set that has escaped the majority of the population is how to live in the outdoors.  Camping to the modern family usually involves taking a RV or trailer to a site that’s equipped with all of the amenities of home. A trip to the woods may involve a cabin that includes central heat and a hot tub. Very few families out there in the general population go off into the boonies and set up camp in the traditional sense of the word.

Not to mention, fishing for food, hunting and learning how to interact with the land is quickly becoming a lost art as well. It’s not difficult to hunt a small animal, prepare it and then put it on the fire, but it’s almost impossible to do without some practice and training. This is where you, the parent, come in. The good news is that you don’t have to drill in the mantra of doomsday or SHTF survival into their heads as much as you are just simply passing on new skills.


Keep things fun.

As a teacher, I’m constantly looking for new ways to engage students so they will take the initiative and lead as they learn. I’m convinced that making things fun goes a long way when it comes to how easily and how long a student retains something. Find ways to incorporate the essential skills that you are trying teach your kids into activities that will help them to practice and apply them to their lives.

You can be serious at times, and this is serious business, but if learning survival skills becomes a burden to kids, chances are they are not going to take it to heart so easily. Be patient, be creative and be a guide so they not only absorb how to do things, but they take joy in learning what to do as well.

It’s never too early to start passing on the knowledge that you have to your kids. It’s never too late to learn new tricks as you teach them as well. Making prepping part of the family DNA is not that difficult if you make the practice and learning enjoyable and rewarding. Get started today. Get outdoors, make survival food, teach them how to build rudimentary tools or go and play army. Your survival as a family depends on the skills that every member has, and now is the time to start getting everyone ready.