However, there are some natural remedies that are thought to kill off parasites, limit their rate of reproduction and help to expel them from the body.  Here are a few examples of items that you can try using if you ever become infected when a trip to the doctor is not possible.


Wormwood contains compounds that are thought to weaken the membranes of certain parasites, and this causes them to dry out, dissolve or stop reproducing.  Wormwood is thought to be particularly effective at killing off some parasites that congregate in the intestinal tract, but it is still unclear how much is needed, or for how long, before a patient starts to experience relief.

Papaya Seeds and Honey

Research suggests that compounds in papaya seeds or their extracts can destroy a number of different parasites.  That effectiveness seems to increase when the seeds are mixed with honey and given to patients multiple times a day until symptoms improved.  What is interesting is that parasites in people  who were given honey only didn’t seem to die off.  Consequently, there is some kind of interaction between the two ingredients that seems to deal a knock-out blow to certain infections, and this is one reason why you may want to keep a supply of seeds on hand.


Barberry is a shrub that is found in many temperate parts of the wood, and this plant is well-known for helping people who suffer from a wide-range of intestinal ailments.  The active compound in the shrub, berberine, has been shown to not only kill off existing parasites, but it can also protect the body from future infections as well.  If you can’t find any barberry, try using coptis or goldenseal as an alternative, because they also contain this compound. 

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds also contain small amounts of berberine, along with palatine and cucurbitine which are also thought to contain anti-parasitic properties.  People who ate whole seeds were more-likely to experience faster relief from symptoms, but extracts were also effective despite taking longer to work. 

Carbon Tablets

Carbon has been widely-used for hundreds of years to treat all kinds of digestive issues, including food poisoning and parasitic infections.  Taking a few tablets per day, along with lots of water, can neutralize and expel parasites while also detoxifying the intestinal tract.  However, this treatment also causes diarrhea as the body uses water to literally flush the system, so it’s important to make sure that you have ample water on hand to minimize the risk of becoming dehydrated.

Finally, making changes to our diet can also help to remove parasites from the body.  Eating lots of fresh garlic, taking plenty of vitamins A, B and C, and reducing sugar and caffeine intake are all thought to be helpful.  Beetroot and flax seeds are also considered to be effective at cleansing the intestines.  Additionally, eating foods that have pro-biotics, or healthy bacteria, can increase the ability of the body to use its own defense mechanisms to eliminate infections as well.

Keep in mind that these are just general suggestions, and their effectiveness will vary from person to person.  However, these, and other natural remedies, may provide you with options when you can’t get appropriate medical care.