Make your next camping trip or other outdoor adventure more enjoyable with this simple, yet incredibly effective tip for keeping the smoke from your campfire out of your face. Anyone who has ever been camping knows how annoying campfire smoke can be. No matter where you stand, the smoke seems to follow you. Well now you can stop that from happening.,,

This easy to follow video shows two separate techniques that when combined can be used to make a virtually smokeless campfire… allowing for a more pleasurable time when lounging around the fire, doing some outdoor cooking, warming yourself on those chilly nights, or simply hanging out with friends singing campfire songs and eating S’mores.

The following is a quick look at the 2 techniques covered:

1) Basic fire making skills and principles. Also known as the “fire triangle”, the 3 vital elements that any good fire needs for maximum combustion and efficiency are Fuel, Heat, & Oxygen. Get this combo correct and you’ll never want for lack of a hot and clean burning fire! **Particularly useful to know when learning survival skills, or in an emergency.

2) How to make an easy fire pit that not only helps control the direction of where any residual smoke flows, but also reflects the maximum amount of heat back toward you.