The “Weird” DIY Home Generator Invention Taking The World By Storm!

[WATCH] How This Do-It-Yourself Home Generator is Changing People’s Lives!
Every year, thousands of homes are left without power for extended periods through downed power lines from fallen trees, weather events such as flooding or lightning strikes, bushfires and motor accidents.

Let’s face it, unexpected power outages can happen at any time, and there is very little we can do about that. We can however have some form of reliable standby powerplant ready to go for when these things do happen. In todays world, where we are heavily reliant on a steady and constant power source, having a backup or standby at our home’s just makes sense.

A Reliable standby power source is a long term solution that can keep our homes running like normal when the power does go out, just makes sense. It not only gives you piece of mind, and will save you money, but also keep your family and belongings safe.

Reasons why you want to consider a home based power plant:

  • It will enable you to provide emergency power during a line failure.
  • Keep your fridge and freezers running so food does not need to be thrown out.
  • Run water pumps to keep a supply of fresh water to your house.
  • When you are able to run your own power source, it enables you to stay home, in familiar surroundings (and protect your home) during extended outages.
  • Can provide a long term power solution.
  • Reduce ever increasing monthly power bills.
Power Saving Tips:
  • Put your heating and cooling on a timer – Set them at the temperature you like a little before you get home. It saves you putting it into overdrive the minute you come in, (and risking leaving it that way all night).
  • Run appliances at night to save money – This won’t save energy, but if you’ve got off-peak rates, they won’t cost as much to run.
  • Wash with cold water – If things aren’t super dirty, cold water does a fine job of cleaning and you save on the energy needed to heat it (which accounts for almost all the energy a washing machine uses, according to CSIRO).
  • Defrost food the natural way – Instead of using a microwave, let frozen things sit on a windowsill to thaw. This is easy if you’re the kind of person who’s thinking about dinner while they’re having breakfast. For everyone else, maybe chuck a note on the fridge to remind yourself.
  • Insulate your hot water pipes – Your hot water can lose a bit of heat while it’s on its way to you, particularly if it’s cold outside. So if you can, give the pipes a winter jacket.
  • Draught-proof windows and doors – Do this in the parts of your house you don’t normally use, too. Just because they fly under the radar doesn’t mean they’re not letting cool air into your house (we’re looking at you, non-descript back room).
  • Replace your bulbs – Energy efficiency is king. So switch to economic light bulbs to make saving energy something you barely notice.
The Best Advice I Can Give You Is To Be Proactive….
Only a select few people are being given a chance to see this… and if you are reading this page, then you are one of them.

In the very near future, renewable energy sources will replace the current energy grid, all around the world we are already seeing this happen more and more, but nobody has quite nailed it….. Until Now…

A 45 Year old Geography Teacher from Memphis, Tennessee has developed a one of a kind DIY device that can be built and used by anyone, to power their home anywhere around the world.

What he has built is a simple, reliable and cheap Build-It-Yourself home generator that can be used either as a backup power source, or to completely eliminate power bills forever.

It will drastically reduce or eliminate power bills and possible even change the course of the entire energy industry.

To date over 17,500 people have already used this method to build their own home based power source which has enabled them to get persevere through hurricanes, snow storms, floods and bushfires, not to mention dramatically reduce their monthly utility costs.

If you like the sound of that, and would like to learn how to build your own single home power station, click the button below and watch the video that explains it all.

How Does The Device Work?
It is based on a commonly used (but little understood) principal, it not only generated enough power to last through long winters, when the temperature outdoors go below zero, but it can also help reduce to eliminate your power bills all year long.

The device uses a similar “endless power principal” that electric car companies use to continuously recharge their batteries from the wheels under braking. It was originally developed by and is currently used by Formula 1 Racing cars to harvest energy while slowing the car down to turn corners, then use that energy when it’s needed to accelerate again down the straight.

What Maintenance is Involved?
Basically none, the whole thing continually powers itself, and has very few moving parts and virtually no maintenance.
Is it hard to build?
One of the main points the designer was adamant about (and went through various prototypes to achieve, was that it be designed in a way that would allow anyone to build it from their own home, without having any specialized knowledge or skills.

There is also very little physical work involved, no heavy lifting or straining yourself, the actually build is super simple, yet super powerful.

What is included?
Once you watch the video it will show exactly what is involved in building one of these power generators for yourself. Then if you decide to go ahead an actually build one for your home, you will receive a comprehensive “over-the-shoulder” Step By Step guide showing you exactly how to build the device. The plans were put together with the help of an engineer so it’s just like having him there in the room with you, every step of the way.

You will also receive the blueprints, full color step by step instructions and the full materials list (which can be purchased from any hardware store like home depot or similar)

And you will also get unlimited lifetime support via email so you can get answers to any questions you have along the way.

To Get Access To This Life Changing Device, All We Ask Is That You Agree To The Following:

Feel free to share this presentation with others who would also like to become self-sufficient and save money on their utility bills.

  • Don’t waste all the extra money you save from reduced energy bills. Try to invest it wisely to look after family members or to prepare for possible emergencies in the future.
  • This presentation is ONLY being made available for a short time frame and will be REMOVED in the near future if there is too much pressure from big energy companies.
  • If you can not follow the rules above, please CLOSE THIS WINDOW IMMEDIATELY to free up a slot for the next person.
  • If you agree to the above, click the “WATCH THE VIDEO” button to proceed to the presentation.

I know is sounds strange, but the information on this website is changing lives forever.

Be among the select few who have already stepped into the new era of free energy.

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